Security Paper Features


ScissorsCut and Paste Protection

Cut and paste forgery is alteration by the replacement or removal of document information by either the cutting and rejoining of document pieces in a manner inconsistent with their original layout, or the simple removal of printed images by scraping, tape pull or folding/creasing.                                 

When a document is printed on stock with a background pattern the reassembled pieces will have mismatched backgrounds, revealing the alteration.  Similarly, when a document is printed on stock with TonerSecure™ attempts to remove the printed image will damage the paper surface, revealing the alteration.

BeakerChemical Protection

Forgery by chemical alteration is the modification or alteration of a document using ink eradicators, bleaches, solvents, acids or alkalis to remove critical information from the document so it can be forged. When a document has chemical protection, these compounds will cause a visible stain reaction, bleaching or colored starburst, indicating document has been tampered with.

Covert Protection

Magnify GlassCovert Protection

Counterfeiting through high technology reproduction typically involves the use of copiers and scanners to reproduce the original documents. When a document has covert copy protection the characteristics unique to these features provide an effective deterrent to reproduction as they cannot be effectively duplicated, photocopied, or scanned. Invisible fluorescent fibers cannot be copied and will only appear on the original document.  The void pantograph when copied will leave the duplicated document voided with an image that will appear. An artificial watermark cannot be reproduced on a copier or scanner. This feature can be validated by rubbing a coin along the back of the sheet.

Security Feature SafetySecure     DesignSecure    VoidSecure
Bleach Stain Beaker Beaker Beaker
Acid/Alkali Stain Beaker Beaker Beaker
Polar & Non-Polar Solvents Beaker   Beaker Beaker
Invisible Fluorescent Fibers Magnify Glass Magnify Glass Magnify Glass
UV Dull Magnify Glass Magnify Glass Magnify Glass
TonerSecure™ Scissors   Scissors
Perfect Front to Back Registration   Scissors  
Void Pantograph               Magnify Glass
Artificial Watermark         Magnify Glass
Coin Rub Authentication        Magnify Glass