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At Simpson Security Papers, Inc. security has been our specialty since our process was first developed in 1871. We have incorporated that knowledge with leading-edge technology to provide the ideal product for your company's needs. We manufacture a variety of high quality safety, security, and check paper products including our well known Basketweave pattern. 

George LaMonte & Sons began designing check paper in 1871 using the now-patented LaMonte process. The security features he developed back then still form the basis for our current security papers. Since then we have provided increasingly sophisticated security features that have successfully deterred forgery and counterfeiting advancements. 

As the threat of fraud is dynamic and ever changing, there are always many important elements to consider in the design of a secure document. The staff at Simpson Security Papers, Inc. can provide technical assistance and product support to you and your customer when selecting or designing an effective, secure paper solution. 

After first considering such factors as the risks of fraud in a given application, the printing process to be used, the general conditions of use, and final processing, we will recommend appropriate paper solutions. Our SecureChoice™ System has three different product lines to meet your needs.  SafetySecure™ is a white paper that combines a wide range of safety features with extreme durability. DesignSecure™ includes our well-known Basketweave pattern that is stocked on a daily basis.  VoidSecure® meets and exceeds the requirements set by CMS for tamper resistant prescriptions. 

At Simpson Security Papers, Inc., security is all important in the paper making process. Strict adherence to security measures is maintained from the point of initial contact, through product design, production and distribution. Access to our facility is restricted 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. 

For inquiries and ordering information, please visit the Request Info page or contact us via phone at 319-754-5725, via fax at 319-754-7393, or via email at info@simpsonsecuritypapers.com.