About Security Paper

Today’s best business practices requires careful attention be paid to fraudulent activity.  Fraud is typically defined as “dishonesty” or deception in the case of secure documents. 

Some of the most common types of fraud are forgery and counterfeiting:

  • Forgery is the crime of fraudulently making, altering, or modifying a document, record, instrument, register, note and the like, with the intent to deceive, mislead or defraud.
  • Counterfeiting is the creation of an imitation, fabrication without right or lawful authority, with the intent to deceive, mislead or defraud by passing false copy for a genuine or original document.

Simpson Security Papers understands these threats coupled with the advancements in printing and document reproduction. With so much reliance on the integrity of paper-based documents, the critical role that paper plays in the protection of secure documents cannot be overstated. 

Our SafetySecure™, DesignSecure™ and VoidSecure® security papers provide leading-edge technology to meet your secure document needs.


SafetySecure™The traditional white security paper that incorporates superior protection from chemical alteration.  This product provides protection against a range of document altering chemicals that include bleaches, polar and non-polar solvents and alcohols.  SafetySecure™ contains invisible security fibers that provide covert protection from copiers and scanners.  This product also contains TonerSecure™ to enhance the bond between the paper and the toner.  Common uses for this product are: transcripts, deposit receipts, lottery tickets, estate wills, warranties/guarantees, bank notes, titles, checks and many more uses.


DesignSecure™ – The original decorated safety paper featuring the well-known Basketweave® pattern.  This product provides chemical security with a visible stain or starburst reaction when alternating chemicals are applied. Invisible security fibers are embedded into this sheet and can be seen using an ultra violet light source providing covert protection from copiers and scanners.  DesignSecure™ products can also incorporate custom designs and special colors to add prestige and increased security through controlledavailability.  This product is HP Certified for use on digital presses. Common uses for this product are: checks, coupons, permits, event admissions, parking tickets/permits and many more uses.


VoidSecure® - The most technically advance product available. This product features a hidden pantograph that when photocopied the words Void and VoidSecure appear on the copy leaving it null/void as well as 3D imaging.* The back of the sheet features an artificial watermark which also offers a coin rub feature.  By rubbing a coin over the artificial watermark the image will become visible to validate the document.  This feature can also be custom designed using a company logo or image.  Chemical protection is provided with a visible stains or starburst reaction after a document altering chemical is applied.  This product also features TonerSecure™ to protect against the toner lift.  Common uses for this product are: prescription pads, licenses, vehicle titles, transcripts, gift certificates, contracts, wills, coupons, state and local governments and many more uses.
*Images may vary by copier.