Simpson Security Papers

Concerned About Document Security? We Can Help!

At Simpson Security Papers, Inc. security has been our specialty since our process was first developed in 1871. We have incorporated that knowledge with leading-edge technology to provide the ideal product for your company's needs. We manufacture a variety of high quality safety, security, and check paper products including our well known Basketweave pattern.

Simpson Security Papers blends innovative product technology with a manufacturing philosophy founded on flexibility and creativity in responding to customer needs. These characteristics, along with a world class level of technical and product support, ensure our customers receive the document security they need.

SecureChoice System™

The SecureChoice™ System was designed to cost-effectively address the most common threats of fraud and to provide a platform upon which to build custom security paper products. We offer three different security paper product lines: DesignSecure™ (includes the Basketweave pattern), SafetySecure™, and VoidSecure®.

With the flexibility to include both overt and covert elements of security as required to address the needs of specific, secure end-use applications, the SecureChoice™ System will also support the addition of evolving technologies as they are developed. From ticket paper to check paper and more, the SecureChoice™ System has the right document security solution for you.